Safety & Training Films

Fineline Films safety and training products are hugely respected, receiving widespread praise including from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency surveyors and independent auditors.

Our core product offering is broken into three areas:

The Guest Safety Film

The Guest Safety Film is a presentation, typically 6-9 minutes long, which is shown to guests on arrival and looped on a dedicated AV channel for reference. It delivers a clear overview of the safety features and procedures onboard.

Some benefits of the Guest Safety Film include:
•    Fulfils requirements beyond MCA LY2
•    More engaging than personal briefing
•    Available 24/7 on dedicated TV channel or DVD
•    Consistent delivery and fully bespoke to the vessel
•    Multi-language options available
•    Easily updated when required.

A passenger safety briefing is mandatory for any yacht wishing to comply with the MCA code. The latest recommendation is that a filmed presentation is the most effective way to present this briefing.

Some typical content of the Guest Safety Film includes:
•    Introduction to the vessel
•    Fire discovery procedure
•    Emergency escape routes
•    Man overboard procedures
•    Abandon ship and life rafts
•    Security and Pollution.

In addition, Fineline can tailor the Guest Safety Film to include information on whatever the client requires, such as water sports or crow’s nest, etc.

The Crew Familiarisation Film

The Crew Familiarisation Film is a custom made induction film, typically around 12 minutes, to introduce new crew members to the yacht safety features. It can also cover ‘Company and Ship Familiarisation’ as required by STCW ’95.

Some benefits of the Crew Familiarisation Film include:
•    Immediate induction tool for new crew prior to passage
•    Time saving for the Captain and shore-side management
•    Available as a refresher to maintain safety awareness
•    Consistent delivery and fully bespoke to the vessel
•    Multi-language options available
•    Easily updated when required.

This film supports existing training programs, providing yacht-specific information. Fineline uses a script developed with input from maritime consultants Knightsmart Limited, to ensure optimum delivery of information. The film is recommended for all new crew members and as a regular refresher, especially when preparing for the annual safety audit.

Typical content of the Crew Familiarisation Film includes:
•    Introduction to the Yacht (including ISM and ISPS)
•    Alerts and escape
•    Fire fighting apparatus
•    Life saving appliances
•    General information.

In addition, Fineline can tailor the Crew Familiarisation Film to include
any ship-specific content such as helicopter procedures, diving safety, etc.

There is also a shortened version available for  Visitor/Contractor Induction, which requires no additional filming and which can be produced simultaneously. It clearly introduces all visitors, contractors and day workers to the essential safety procedures of the yacht. It is ideal for shipyard and maintenance periods and is available in multi-language options.

The Crew Training Film

The Crew Training Film is a complete and comprehensive offering, covering the operation of all the safety and security features of the vessel.

Some benefits of the Crew Training Film include:
•    In-depth training on all safety and security features
•    Saves valuable time for Safety Officer
•    Supplements drills
•    Demonstrates equipment not included in regular drills.

Our crew films can be supplemented with an Interactive Assessment which aids knowledge retention and identifies areas requiring further study — a useful function, especially prior to audit.

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